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        Lister Clipper Oil, 250 ml

        Description Keep your clippers in perfect running condition.   Essential for your Lister clippers and trimmers. Recommended when purchasing any Lister clipper or trimmer.   Technical description:   250 ml.

        Legend Professional Clipper

        Description Professional quality clippers for effortless trimming.   For fast, professional clipping. The most powerful motor in the range combined with a slim line, multi-position grip gives the power of a...

        Liberty Mains Adapter AC/DC

        Description Versatile adapter for clipping.   Makes the clipping possible both from mains and battery. For Liberty clipper.   Technical description:   AC Input: AC 100V - 240V.

        Lister Extra Fine Blades for Lister Star, Legend, Liberty

        Description Fine replacement clipper blades.   For close clipping, leave 0.05 in (1.4 mm) of hair. Recommended when purchasing the Lister Star, Legend or Liberty. These are fine replacement clipper blades....

        Horze 3 Piece Folding Blanket Rack

        Description Blanket rack for wall attachment can be folded aside.   This clever rack has three tubular bars that swivel out when needed and fold against the wall when not in...


        Blanket Rack

        Description 3-piece blanket rack folds away when not in use.   Perfect for drying or storing multiple blankets. It easily attaches to a wall and features three arms that swing out...


        Tie Ring Wall Plate

        Description These tie ring plates with welded rings screw on to a variety of surfaces. A multi-purpose ring ideal for hanging buckets, hooking cross ties, etc. Great to have in any...


        Saddle Rack with Bridle Hook

        Description Perfect for organizing your tack room.   This rack is a great value and extremely useful. Lightweight, will fit all types of saddles. Sturdy and easy to install, this fantastic...


        Rubber Stable Chain

        Description Practical chain to tie up your horse in the stable aisle.   Durable rubber covers a sturdy link chain for extra protection and safety. Exposed link chain and durable snaps...


        Supreme Grooming Storage

        Description Keep all of your favorite grooming supplies close.   An innovative organizing sheet that hangs on your stable wall and keeps your favorite grooming supplies where you need them. The...


        V-Plast Telescopic Fork Handle

        Description This Telescopic shaft is an easier way to muck your stall. It can be extended or to stay at a standard length. The fork head that goes with this shaft...


        Stable Butler

        Description Clean up arenas and stalls with ease.   Shovel and fork, easy to bring in trailer and arena.   Features:   Shovel and fork Easy to bring in trailer and...